Twink Feet

I have to be upfront and say that I’m not actually a foot fetishist. However when I film the videos for Twinks! Twinks! Twinks! I usually take some care about filming feet.

There are two reasons for filming feet.

1. Foot fetishists like them.
2. They have role in the editing process.

I’ll explain 2. a bit. When you edit a video you have to make cuts all the time because all that you film is not beautiful and flowing in nature. So of course you cut out all the crap stuff. However having done that you find that although the footage that remains is attractive, it does not sit well together. The shots jar with each other and so more work is required. An example of a jarring cut is when you put two very similar shots together, perhaps the face from a 3/4 angle, then again from the front. To have those two shots close together you need a shot in between of something that is far away from the face, but still connected and informing in nature about the subject. One ideal thing is a shot of… …the feet!

Here is a lovely pair of twink feet:

Lovely twink feet

And here is the face of their owner, a delightful twink called Vito Verduzco:

Delightful twink Vito Verduzco

Vito and his feet can be seen in the video Raw Action #2.

Welcome to the new Twinks! Twinks! Twinks! blog

Here we have the new Twinks! Twinks! Twinks! blog. The plan is that this blog will be for titbits of info about the Twinks! Twinks! Twinks! website and comments about anything relevant.

Some time was spent trying to think of a good name for the blog. One possibility was Blog! Blog! Blog! which I rather like but it doesn’t make sense if people arrive at the blog independently of the Twinks! Twinks! Twinks! website.