My Experience As A Twinks! Twinks! Twinks! Model

Erotic Gay Twink Story #1

The first submitted twink fiction comes from Ralfi who was a model for Twinks! Twinks! Twinks!. At Ralfi’s request we are not revealing his location.

One of the guys at Twinks! Twinks! Twinks! called Drew suggested to me that I might like to submit this story about my first shoot for their website.

Well my name is Ralfi and I’m eighteen years old. You won’t be able to tell who I am at the website because I don’t use my real name there of course. I’m dark haired with tanned skin. I’ve got a very smooth body. I don’t “work out” or do training but I have a lot of good muscles because I work at a market, all day long lifting boxes of fruit and veg and that kind of thing.

Sexy twink model!

I heard about doing the shoot from some other twinks in my area who had already done one. I’m not going to say where I live except that it is in Europe. I’m not taking any chances with creepy stalkers as you can see! The pay for the shoot was more than I get working for a month at the market. You can see why I was interested!

Before I did the shoot I talked a lot with Drew about what was actually going to happen. I’d never done anything like this before you understand. He was very nice. He told me that the shoot would take between three and four hours. I said I couldn’t wank for three to four hours! He said, don’t worry, there are lots of breaks and he takes ages setting up shot because he’s a perfectionist. Also he said it was usually three hours but he said four normally just in case he had equipment failure. He seemed really professional actually. I thought I’d just turn up and wank for thirty mins but he seemed to be making a big thing out of it all. He said there’d be a break half way through. He even told me he had a very nice dressing gown which I could wear in the room for resting. The best part was that if I wanted a cigarette it would be okay because he liked filming twinks having a smoke.

Twink model has cum

I wanted to bring a friend, after all, for all I knew Drew could have been a cannibal who would tie me up and eat me alive. Drew said that was fine and the friend would stay in the room he had for guests. I didn’t tell Drew that I would be fine with my friend, who’s called Jack, to be in the shoot. Jack’s seen me naked loads of times. Jack and I are straight of course but we’ve played around with each other loads of times. Anyway that’s not what I’m telling you about now. So I’ll get back to this.

Jack and me arrived in the apartment Drew had rented. He doesn’t live here, in fact he lives in the UK but he comes here to do these shoots. The apartment he’d got was really nice. Drew wasn’t alone, he had an assistant. The assistant was a sexy twink! I bet gay guys would really get turned on by him. Drew told me the assistant wouldn’t be joining us in the shoot. In fact the assistant would be in the living room talking to Jack. I was jealous. I thought Jack might get off with the assistant while I was in the shoot with Drew. Drew was okay, but I would have preferred the assistant, if I was gay that is.

Twink model with sweet face and cock

The bedroom was the studio. There were massive lights and Drew had a huge camera and there was loads of sound equipment. Drew spent some time talking to me about what I was going to do.

It was dead easy actually. I started off having a cigarette while listening to music at YouTube on Drew’s laptop. Thats why I’m wearing headphones in the shoot. I’m listening to music. Well not always music actually, later I was looking at some really hardcore porn at the AEBN site. Drew had set up an account specially. Although I’m not gay I looked at gay porn because it seemed to be more appropriate. Drew said I could watch any sort of porn I liked because he wouldn’t point the camera at the laptop screen.

Sweet face of a Twink model

Like I said, at the beginning it was just YouTube videos. Drew told me the shoot had a sort of story, but not very much of one. It is just about a twink sitting at his laptop, getting turned on and jerking off. Dead simple. Well it started with me with all my clothes on sitting at the side of the bed. Drew would move around setting up his camera in different parts of the room. Sometimes he’d get up on steps. He would stop and ask if I was OK. Of course I was. I’ve never made money so easily. He asked me to take all my clothes off except my boxers. That was easy, I started doing it in a sexy way and Drew said stop. He didn’t want me to take them off in a sexy way. He said, just take them off as if it was a really hot day, just take them off as you would normally. So, OK, I put them back on again and when he said “action” I just took them off normally.

I was really hard! You could see it through my boxers. I said to Drew it was the porn on the laptop. But I’d only been watching YouTube vids. There was even pre-cum leaking through my boxers creating a damp bit at the end of my cock.

Twink model shows his ass

Drew wanted me to play with my cock. He said play slowly. I said to him, “what if I cum?”. Drew said that I should stop if I was getting close. I was worried because we’d only been doing this for half an hour, how was I going to not cum for three hours if my cock was so hard now! Drew said that if I felt like cumming maybe I should think of a school teacher I didn’t like when I was at school, something like that. My first thought was of Mr. Lehrer, a teacher I’d fancied like fuck. That was a mistake, my cock leapt with excitement and more pre-cum oozed out. So I thought of old Schicklgruber and that brought things down! I knew I would have to rely on thinking of Schicklgruber quite a lot to get through this shoot!

Twink model with a very big cock

Drew told me to take my boxers off. My hard cock flipped right out of them! I put the laptop back on my lap, I was still just sitting on the bed. Now my cock was going up to my belly button. My belly is mostly smooth but there is some hair between my belly button and my pubes. Actually I had shaved my poobs about 5 days before the shoot. They were just beginning to grow back. I’d also shaved my ass, which was really tricky. Next time I’m going to get my friend Jack to do it, if he doesn’t mind. I think he’ll be OK, even though he isn’t gay.

A naked twink model

Even though I’m straight I kept thinking about the twink Drew had hired as an assistant. That twink had really worked out but not to create a lot of bulk like some big muscle Mary, he looked like he was really defined. He had dark hair and was tanned like me. Actually where I live most people have tanned skin either because they were born that way or because we have really long hot summers.

A naked twink model showing his ass

A change of position now. Drew wanted me to lie down in front of the laptop with my belly on the bed. He moved the laptop to the foot of the bed. I was still watching YouTube. I couldn’t see Drew now but I knew he was taking loads of pics of my bum. He asked me to spread my legs a bit. I could almost feel the camera lens focussing on my crack. It really turned me on. I never knew I was such an exhibitionist!

The next position had me lying right in the middle of the bed on my back with my head on a pillow back at the head of the bed again. Now the laptop was at my side. Drew had me pull my feet up to my bum so my legs were bent with my knees sticking up in the air. Drew said he wanted really good shots of my balls and my hole. I was really glad I’d shaved my hole and I asked Drew if it looked okay. Drew said it looked really good. Drew was on the bed himself now at my feet. He had his big camera on the bed and had balanced it on something, a little box I think. The lens was moving up and down. From where I was looking the lens was hidden below my balls and then when Drew moved it up it would appear like a sun rising over my balls. It would look straight into my eyes and Drew would say “look into the camera and smile please”.

Cum on belly of a twink model

Next Drew moved the camera really close to my hole. Just a few centimetres away. He told me to pull my hole open as wide as I could with my hands. There was a light on the camera which he turned on. I put my fingers right close to my hole and pulled it open. To be honest I really wanted to be fucked bad now. My cock was oozing pre-cum onto my belly. I really felt like a gay twink. But I’m not a gay twink of course.

Now we had a break. We’d been at this for nearly 2 hours. Drew apologised and said we should have had a break at 1 hour. I was amazed it had been going on for 2 hours, it felt like no time at all, I would have guessed a maximum of forty five mins. Drew had a dressing gown ready so I could join Jack and the mega-hunky assistant in the living room. I suddenly realised Jack had been with the sexy twink assistant all that time! Lucky bastard, what had they been doing? There was a problem with the dressing gown. My cock was so hard it just stuck through at the front. I put my boxers on to hide my raging hard on and started thinking about Mr. Schicklgruber.

A twink model jerking off

Out in the living room Jack and the hunky twink assistant were just chatting and joking. They were talking about cars. Really boring I think. The hunky assistant was wearing a a tight vest shirt thing, he really knew how to show off his body!

We all had a smoke and drank Nestea. The hunky twink assistant had turned Drew onto Nestea and he’d become an addict. Jack, the assistant and me all smoked while Drew fiddled with his camera stuff and muttered something about adjustments and lighting. Then Drew went back into the bedroom/studio and started setting things up again. After about 15 mins he asked me to join him. Now my cock was totally soft. Drew had changed the lighting around a lot. He’d put the laptop at the foot of the bed and the headphones were just beside it. He asked me to strip off again and stand on the bed with my feet either side of the laptop. My cock had gone soft now, but Drew said he was glad, he really wanted a shot of a soft cock, he said loads of guys really like soft cocks.

Loads of cum in navel of a twink model

He was in front of me with his camera set up on his tripod thing and then he just moved it so that first the lens was at my feet then slowly it went up my body to my face. He asked me to smile. Then he went down again. He did some other shots. He got the camera up to the same height as my face by extending the legs of his tripod and then shot directly at my face. He asked me to wank to get hard. He always said “please”, he was very polite! He told me to look straight into the camera while I wanked and to smile. I did this of course. Then his camera slowly went down to my cock which was pretty hard now.

Next he put the camera at the same level as my cock. Remember I’m standing on the bed at the foot of the bed and Drew is standing on the floor with his camera set up there. His camera is pointing straight at my cock like I said and now comes the weirdest part of it all, I think anyway. Drew asked me to get the cock really hard by wanking. Then he said to take my hand away and let my cock go soft. I had to think about Mr. Schicklgruber to get my cock to go soft. He asked me to do this several times, getting the cock really hard, then letting it go soft. He filmed it all. Then he asked me to get my cock really hard hand play with the head. I pulled my foreskin far back so that the head was really full and smooth. He had the camera really close to my cock head, like the lens was only centimetres away. Then he asked me to play with my piss slit. To open it with my fingers. Of course I did this and really liked it even though it was a bit weird. Then he asked me to rub my piss slit with my finger. Pre-cum was oozing out now so he asked me to rub the pre-cum around my cock head. I love getting really slutty so I did exactly as he asked! I started really wanting to cum. I said to Drew should I cum now? Surely it would look good my cum pissing out just a couple of centimetres from the lens. You could practically see the sperm preparing for the jump in that! Drew said that would be a great shot but he’d do that in our next shoot. For now he wanted a different set up for the cum. I noted that now Drew was talking about another shoot, so it looks like I’m in for another some time!

A twink model wanks his cock

Drew told me how he wanted me for the money shot. He said I should go to the middle of the bed and prop my back up with some pillows against the wall. I put the laptop to my right and watched a film at aebn, listening to the sound with the headphones. I picked a gay porn film because even though I’m straight it just felt right and gay porn films really turn me on.

Drew sat right beside me. He put the camera over my left shoulder. This was hand held now, no tripod. Drew told me to tell him before I would cum. He said that here he would get a great shot of the cum coming out of my dick and going onto my chest. Also he could very easily swivel the camera to get my face just before and after I cum. With the mic on the camera so close to my mouth he would get all the sound of my breathing as I got close to cumming and the sound I made while cumming. I asked Drew if he wanted me to really moan, I could do a lot of “oooh” and “aaaah” and that kind of thing. Drew said he didn’t like this to be over done. It sounded really false if it was put on so, it was better for me to be more natural.

A close up of a twink model's cock

I love to be watched while I cum. My friend Jack has watched me cum loads of times. Now I was so turned on just by the thought of all those guys watching the film I was making. I wanked and more pre-cum came oozing out of my cock. There was just so much pre-cum because I’d been hard for so long making the film. Finally I came bucket loads of cum! it shot out over my chest and some landed on my mouth. There were great streaks of cum up my tanned chest and some was over my left nipple. Drew told me to just stay as I was and he moved the camera over my chest filming all the lovely cum. Lastly he filmed my face and asked me to smile. Then, that was a wrap!

I really enjoyed making my film for Twinks! Twinks! Twinks! and I am really looking forward to when Drew comes back here from the UK to do some more filming.