Horny Twink Boy I Met On The ‘Net

Erotic Gay Twink Story #3

Thanks to Aron in New York for this ultra hot twink story.

When I found this new section on the site I just had to get some of my action on here for all you horny fuckers to read. I’m pretty sure you guys are gonna get off hard to some of the things I’ve done with some really horny twink boys in the last few years!

Twink boy is being prepared for fucking

I guess I was a little late to the party, because even though I’ve known I like cock for a long time, I was totally in the closet all through college. When I should have been getting it on with as many horny twink boys as I could I was in denial about it all and hooked up with this chick.

So even though I know I’m bi, I’m all about the cock these days and making up for all those lost hook-ups.

This twink boy will soon be fucked

As you can probably guess, I’m really into twink boys, especially twink boys who can ram some ass like a real mean fucker. I was a little bit of a jock, and I guess I have that weird thing about being dominated. I was never a bully or  anything, but I hung around with a lot of guys who were. So now, even though I love getting fucked hard by some daddy top or a hairy muscle dude from the gym, the ideal for me is a really hung twink boy who has the power to slam my ass and get real mean about it.

I never actually thought I’d find any guys who could be considered twink boys who would really be able to ram like that, but man I was totally wrong!

twink boy is fucked bareback

There are actually loads of ‘em out there on the net, and I’ve hooked up with a few now. One of them is a favorite of mine, and the first time he fucked my ass I knew he’d be one to keep.

Tony is his name, and he’s a little bit of a punk. He’s not an emo, he’s a real trashy rocker. He has a lot of attitude and swagger about him. But although he looks small and slim, he can really fuck like a porn star!

This twink boy loves to be fucked

He has a thing for muscle boys and jocks, but he says he can’t find a lot of them who are into skinny twink boys like him. So when he saw me stroking my 7.5” hard dick and showing off my smooth bubble butt on my cam he was all about coming over and fucking my hole.

I was totally into him on that first cam show too though, he put on a great jerk off for me while he watched me stroking my hard jock cock too. He has really hot saggy balls, a long and skinny cock, tight little abs and a sexy smooth chest. Everything about him from that first cam show had me wanting to take that dick up my ass.

A twink boy with a dildo in his ass

Even now I don’t know how long his cock is, but I know it’s long. The first time we hooked up he came over to my place and within seconds he was jacking me off on the couch and I was begging him to fuck me. We didn’t even get to sucking dick before fucking that first time, I just wanted him inside my ass!

I told him to order me around, and that’s all the instruction he needed. He told me to strip him off first, and although I really wanted to suck his cock the second it sprung out of his boxers he wouldn’t let me. I guess he got the game pretty quick and soon had me naked and hard, stroking my cock and leaking juice in anticipation of having that twink boy’s cock fucking my hole.

This twink boy will soon have a speculum in his ass

He had me kneel on the floor, telling me how he was gonna fuck my cum load out of me before he fed me his. It was so fucking hot I thought I was gonna shoot my load as soon as I felt the head of his pole nudging my ass, but I managed to hold on as he slicked up my ass with lube and slid the head of his meat into me.

I’m always skeptical about a boy like that being able to fuck me like I need it, but he really managed to do it so well. He’d just got the head of his cock in my ass and then he slid the rest in smooth and hard! It fucking hurt, but at the same time I was so horny for it I didn’t care.

My cock was twitching as he got verbal, telling me as he slid back out of my ass how hot I was. He’d been jacking off all day preparing for our session and I definitely appreciated hearing how he was gonna feed me so much cum. But at the same time I just wanted him to fuck me hard. I knew I’d cum harder if I was on my back, and I wanted to feel that twink boy’s cock prodding my prostate, grazing it with every slide.

Cum in the mouth of a twink boy

After taking it kneeling I prompted a move, turning over and offering my wet hole for him again. He grabbed my legs and thrust right back in, jabbing me hard! I could feel the ache as I was getting close, and looking up at his slim body, that cute face with a grimace as he fucked my ass with so much energy, the feel of his big balls and his slim hips slapping against me, it was all getting me there as I slowly stroked my cock in rhythm with his thrusts.

I told him I was gonna cum, knowing it would be a squirting load. He fucked harder, grunting and telling me to shoot it. My balls were tight, my hole throbbing as he slid in and out, my breath was hard and rasping and then the first squirt fired out and splashed over my chest.

I was in heaven, I could feel him slow down as he cheered me on and told me to shoot it. My cum splashed over my face to his appreciative cheers, I licked my lips and taste my watery semen as my butt flexed and twitched around his paused cock, buried deep in my chute.

I was still pumping out my cum as I felt his cock leaving my ass. He slipped out slow, telling me to get ready to drink it. The last of my cum was still leaking out over my abs as he moved up and I opened wide. He looked down at me, calling me his cum drinker, telling me I was a slut, and I fucking was. I wanted it so bad as my own load dripped from my chin and I licked and lapped at the head of his cock.

I flinched as the first shot splashed over my face, hot and thick. He took aim again and I closed my lips around the meaty head, taking the jets of cream right into my mouth.

The twink boy’s cum flooded my mouth, filling me up so much it dribbled and drooled out over my chin. I swallowed, slid along his cock and felt another gush as more seeped down my throat!

What Tony didn’t know was that I’d never drank a guy’s load before. I’d tasted my own, of course, but never took a cum load from a twink boy’s cock like that. But I was hooked on it right then. As I sucked the last of his cream from his dick I knew I wanted more.

That was the first time I took that twink boy’s nutt, but it wasn’t the last. And he wasn’t the only boy I became a cum slut for either. I’ll try and have a think about which of the other twink boys I’ll tell you about next time!