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Nicolás Barrera

Nicolás is very sweet and caring. In conversation with him you will find that he really is interested in what you have to say. He is always sincere and considerate of other people. Nicolás values relationships of all sorts very highly. He will put a lot of work into maintaining a boyfriend. If you are a friend of Nicolás you can be sure that if you need help from him he will freely give it.

Nicolás is very fond of expensive things. He does like to wear makeup but this is “man’s makeup” and he uses it very sparingly and with great taste.

Videos featuring Nicolás:

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Tristán Carreón

Tristán could well be described as a Twunk. If you are not sure what I mean by Twunk then it is a hybrid word created from Twink and Hunk. Tristán works out and so really is rather hunky ☺.

A striking thing about Tristán is his teeth jewellery, or tooth bling as I’m told it’s called. This is part of his contemporary, hunky hip-hop look!

The teeth to which the bling are attached are very white and perfectly formed.

Tristán has a very strong and generous smile. Combined with his tooth bling and beautiful white teech it is quite the loveliest smile you will see in a long time.

Tristán’s sexual role is active although he does like to have a finger up his hole and even better he loves to have a tongue up his hole.

Videos featuring Tristán:

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Sabas Echevarria

Sabas is into new age stuff and grunge. He brings joss sticks to the shoots. The joss sticks are rather nice actually. Another thing he does is bring a small ghetto blaster. This he turns on of course and out comes the grunge music. When the filming starts we have to remember to ask him to turn it off because we don’t want the grunge music on the soundtrack.

Sabas is capable of adopting the full lotus position. We don’t know if he has practised this as a consequence of his interest in new age stuff.

Sabas’s timekeeping is terrible ☺. He will turn up for the shoot over an hour late. This is the biggest problem with Sabas. There is one benefit of Sabas’s terrible timekeeping which is that when we complain he adopts a sheepish expression which is very sexy.

Fortunately once Sabas has arrived he does deliver a superb sexual performance. In the initial discussions prior to filming he actually sounded a bit too shy to be making porn films, but this was completely wrong as we discovered. Sabas is versatile and he loves to be fucked very hard without any inhibitions. He is a great top as well and he gives as good as he gets!

Videos featuring Sabas:

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Jules Feuell

He’s such a cute guy! Four facts about Jules:

  1. He lives to play football and he is an excellent player.
  2. When wanking Jules likes to lube his cock with spit, a lot of spit!
  3. He dresses beautifully, he is very trendy, but I think you’ll agree, he looks even better in the nude ☺
  4. He does not smoke and he takes great care of his health.

Videos featuring Jules: